18 planet alignment january 2020 astrology

My boyfriend with have them on his north node 5th house.

Wednesday 2nd October 12222

We have two years to worried about that and right now entering into a universal 11 year which equal two and its double one and the best is to focus in the present and not worried so much about the past and also learn from it and not worried about the future, but prepare for it. What we do today is for the future. We cannot control outside world or the environment we live in and only where we live and yes, its does have its pros and cons.

We cannot control the political movement and only voice our opinions and hope for the best. I personally, do not play the left and right games or I do parties and to me its all the same in different degrees and everyone talks both sides of the mouth. Also, we all have to learn lessons and nobody is excluded.

Some people might think they are high and mighty, but at the end; it shows nobody is. Only G-D!!!!!!!!

List of conjunctions (astronomy)

We are going to enter into a three year cycle of balance and also setting boundaries and paying off debt, etc. People have to get there themselves in gear. Capricorn is like the CEO of the horoscopes. Yes, its not going to be parties, play time like it was in Sagit. Its just time to buckle down. I cannot worried about and if we all did and we would lose sight for what is happening to us in the present moment.

I hope this help both of you out. Good luck, and faith is important. Very different than the west. Faith is faith. Peace, and wishing you many blessings of the New Year of I agree with you and I was writing to the person about not you. I was not referring to that.

Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2020

Yes, we believe in Celebrating Christmas. I celebrate Christmas in very spiritual way and besides its for Children. I know all about the Roman god and the celebration etc. You are percent right about greed, and so forth. Yes, its very sad, and we live in a very different time and our society has changed over time.

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We both do not have to be part of the greed and we are not and we do a lot of helping in our community and especially around Christmas and Pascha Easter That is the important of celebrating is helping people who do not have. Trust me, a lot of good people help others and there are good people in this world. Yes, we are experience sense of greed, and so forth.

Remember, nothing last forever. Be well and peace to you for the coming year, and many blessings to you and your family, and Joyous New Year of Hallo, sorry for my english is not so good!.. I would not worry so much and focus more on the present then the future. Its what we do now and result for the future.

What a horrible time for living. Lou Maybe better in that time , 1 month before and 1 month after you change your place. Try to live in a country where y angles are in a trine to this conjunctions.

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And add some asteroids which are relevant to yr actual life situation. I get the event on my Anti-Vertex. Asteroid Veritas conj my Vertex and already I have a fatet subject since 7y on hangign on my Antivertex and same time there hangs progr. Saturn-Jupiter conjunction….. And since it is not enough : Saturn con my natal Jupiter. Saturn in Cap …. Fasten your seat belts and belive in yourrself Lou. The birth of the new world is a very painful and a dramatic experience.

The soul people must free themselves from every and all ego people and their control structures. This is how we can learn who we are, really, and mature spiritually. Difficult, possible, inevitable!

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So what… my grandparents went through two world wars… they told me they had a great time. Not everyone will be affected, but yeah, if you feel like you deserve some whipping, Pluto and Saturn will gladly show you the ropes.

After-all, if the shoe fits… if you WANT it, they gladly oblige. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Keep that death wish alive, Pluto loves it.

All good stuff…. Astrology research is never ending. This is scaring the hell out of me. It squares my Jupiter usually negative for me especially my health. Note a mars conjunction with this aspect around the 21st March as the sun enters Aries. End of the world anyone?

I think with all of the outer planets it will be world events, Take note of the planets in your chart that will be aspected and understand personal planets will be personal and outer will be outer! Have you read about the A I brain interface they are planning? Elon Musk even sounds scared. Beware the machine! Mercury Eclipsed; YES and I have my natal Sun at 22Cn48 and am dreading this transit. I have the conjunction happening in my 8th house, opposing my Mars at 24 Cancer in the 2nd.

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I think I will be fighting to keep my modest home on my own again, modest salary, at least for a while. I saw this coming thanks to astrology, so we have been assertively paying off debt since and are in much better position to weather this storm. But still, there will be other things to deal with societally.

My stepson is in the Army, and we are very concerned for him. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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