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Susan was born when Gemini, the airy and witty astrological sign of communication, was rising. This indicates that Susan has a youthful appearance as well as the lively, chatty, and light-hearted manner that charms everyone she meets. However, Susan's Ascendant is much more complicated than Gemini alone, and here's where it gets very interesting, career-wise.

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Planets on conjunct the Ascendant have greater strength and become an intricate part of a person's persona. The fixed star Rigel is said to give good fortune, riches, and eminence. Rigel, holding hands with Uranus, the ruler of her 10th house career and social status , sitting on the Ascendant, indicates that Susan's persona is intimately tied to a career that would be out of the ordinary that would bring her eminence.

In Susan's bio, this has translated to astrological fame on the internet. This says that Susan's vitality Sun as well as her predisposition to lead and influence others 10th house with the spoken and written word Mercury , is supercharged square Uranus. It's also an indication that her mind is imaginative and fanciful Pisces and that she may have had some difficulties making herself understood Mercury Rx.

The Moon in a birth chart, among other things, represents your mother. Susan says: "My mother taught me clear communication. This says that was Susan's good fortune to have a mother who taught her to adapt to changing circumstances as well as how to learn vicariously by observing and seeking to understand the people and the world around her. With Mercury Rx, Susan is an independent and innovative thinker, who may express herself better in writing than with the spoken word. Because her mind is turned inward and writing gives her time to process what she wants to say, turn everything over in her mind, edit and reorganize the information she's sharing so it can be better understood.

This also says something about why Susan adamantly defends astrology as a science. While all of this has helped Susan achieve her goals, it's also another indication that her primary goal in this life is to share her wisdom, advice, and knowledge with anyone who needs it, and in doing so, aid in changing their lives for the better Aquarius MC.

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However, her Aquarius MC, with its ruler Uranus on her Ascendant, also says that Susan would break with tradition and communicate astrology in an unconventional way. At a time when the internet was in its infancy, and most professional astrologers were still sitting face to face with private clients and downing Sun sign astrology as fluff, Susan broke with tradition and began writing voluminous, non-gender specific, and in-depth Sun sign horoscopes online. Susan Miller has hosted Astrology Zone since , but it wasn't until after the turn of the century when younger people began to take astrology seriously, that all her work paid off.

Now Susan's amazingly accurate and optimistic Sun sign horoscopes draw worldwide readership and have made her the world's most-read and relied upon astrologer.

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It was Susan's health crisis in childhood that led her to study astrology with her mother. Interestingly, the fixed star Nashira is on the Midheaven of her Birth chart. Nashira foretells "overcoming evil, which is turned to success. Susan's sensitive and intuitive Pisces Sun in her 10th house worldly recognition indicates she will shine in a career that involves helping others.

However, her Sun is also in a square challenging aspect to Uranus, Rigel, and her Ascendant. This tense square confirms that it's not been easy to get to the top and that her vitality has been a bit shaky and unstable at times, but that good fortune Rigel was on her side. This is an additional indicator of unhappiness and a generally slow start in life. This aspect of Susan's Birth chart speaks of the feelings of loneliness, isolation, and inhibition, which is what she must have felt as a child growing up in hospitals. Susan's Venus in Aquarius is on the fixed star Dabih , in constellation Capricorn.

God loves us too much to end it. I am worried about the electrical grid. The way that Miller speaks — digressively and in volumes — is also the way that she writes. Neptune will bring all the pixie dust you could ever want! Shopping tips included. Unless everybody is strong, nobody is strong. You see it coming. It was my good leg that went flying — I landed in a backward L and they thought I would bleed to death.

It was during one of these spells — one summer when she was 9 or 10 — that Miller, flushed with frustration, told her mother that she wished her bad leg had been given to someone else.

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And my mother was right. The lessons took place as a teen, when Miller was convalescing from surgery, and continued while she attended NYU.

After she graduated, there were stints in marketing and ad sales and a marriage, long ago, and two children, now adults , and a career turn as a successful photo agent who did recreational chart readings in her spare time. One day, after suggesting that an acquaintance enter a contest, the acquaintance bought a raffle ticket, won a Porsche, and subsequently coaxed Miller into making her charts public.

The world is a dangerous place for someone with her condition. On a cold December afternoon, Miller is working at her home, a three-bedroom apartment with a south-facing view of the Chrysler Building. A wreath with gilded pinecones marks the door, and inside there is more of the same: candles, flowers, baskets of pinecones, holiday cards, glittering snowflakes strung up above the dining table. Miller is short of breath and not feeling good. Atypically for Miller, the TV is off. Eventually, she was taught to make coffee instead. A typical day at headquarters begins at a.

Then Miller heads to the gym for a fitness class or a session on the elliptical machine, then to the bank in person to withdraw cash and mail out checks, then to buy fresh fruit, and finally back home, where she sets up on the sofa and works straight through the day and into the night. She was audited last year.

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We talk for hours, and as the sun sinks lower, pinpricks of light twinkle on through the living-room window. I compliment Miller on the view.

God gave me a nice apartment. Trentacoste Trentacoste is her maiden name. As the sky darkens, I realize that I will have to excuse myself at some point, because Miller will never, ever ask me to leave. As long as New York has been home to confused people, it has been home to charlatans, and as long as it has been home to confused middle-class people, it has been home to astrologers.

But until recently, it was almost axiomatic that to be a worldly New Yorker meant to be skeptical of astrology. This is no longer true. Miller handles skeptics or future fans charitably. But so is getting on a ten-ton airplane and going across the country or eating penicillin.

In a sense, she rises above the tawdriness of her profession in exactly the way an Edith Wharton character might transcend an undistinguished background: by taking up residence at a good address Upper East Side , outfitting herself expensively Chanel ballet flats , sending her children to private school Convent of the Sacred Heart , and in every other way looking and acting the part of a New York City social authority.

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She will not allow herself to be photographed with a crystal ball. A few weeks later, I visit Miller at her home again, this time on a perfect blue Sunday when the entire Upper East Side smells like brunch pancakes. Miller called back immediately from the hospital, where she was on a morphine drip, and spoke for 26 minutes on a variety of topics before trying to give me her Google Analytics password.