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Horoscope Malayalam Full horoscope with prediction, Marriage compatibility, Ephemeris, planets rasi turn in Malayalam. Kanippayyur Astrology Sri Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad , Kerala's leading and most credible Astrologer provides for free the following in Malayalam : 1. Kerala Astrologer Sri K.

Manorama Jyothisham Are you troubled with happenings in your life? Starting from Mesha, at the second square from top left, the rasis are counted in the clockwise direction, one rasi in each square, till the final Meena rasi. At any point of the day, each of the planets are positioned in one of the rasis.

The rasi chart is thus drawn with the planets positioned in the appropriate rasi at the time of birth of an individual. The position of Moon in the zodiac, will determine the rasi of the baby.

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The ascendant sign at the time of birth is called the Lagna. If the Meena rasi is the rasi that is rising at the time of the birth then the baby's lagna is deemed to be Meena lagna.

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Each of the rasi's houses, counting to 12, represent one aspect of the individual's life. For example, the first house represents the basic self and dignity, with the following aspects of the individual such as ambitions, character, fame, health, longevity, vigour, dignity, head, heart and personality.

Tamil astrology signs are used for predicting the general character of an individual, also used during sankalpam, religious, traditional and special ceremonies like wedding, graha pravesam, etc. Apart from astrological predictions, astrology signs are also used for spiritual and traditional events. During religious ceremonies,every individual is identified by name, nakshatram and rasi.