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How can we use our spiritual wisdom, our creativity and our new technology to create a more heavenly world on planet earth each day? There are many solutions to help save the environment, as well as transform our health care crisis that are well within reach. It starts with our intention to make a difference each day at work or at home to help improve the lives of others. And reach out our hand in friendship with a heart of service. Both of these aspects are opportunities to deepen our spiritual commitment to both our personal and professional relationships.

How can we inspire each other to be more positive in our communication and effective in our actions each day? When we do our best to be authentic and stay present in today, miracles will occur we never imagined possible. Generosity of the heart and spirit are natural ways of being, when we maintain gratitude for our blessings and celebrate our progress step by step. The world is transforming rapidly and we are all needed to help make this powerful transition as quickly as possible. I can basically drink coffee anytime, but sometimes I'm all tea all the time.

I don't love herbal teas usually, but I'm big on black and green. I'm open to comments, loving or constructive, so feel free to contact me cosmic astrology astrologi zodiac zodiak sagittarius skytten sunsign moonsign risingsign astro spiritual planets jupiter art illustration digitalart.

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You could be Vibing High, Vibing Low or somewhere in between. Remember there is always room to expand yourself! Inktober day 5: Zodiac This is one of my favorites from Inktober so far and it only took an hour and a half! Prompt list: namcodraws inktober inktober namcodrawsinktober inktoberday5 inktoberart inktoberartchallenge artist artistsoninstagram witchart zodiac zodiacsigns drawing drawingchallenge octoberart digitalinktober digitalinktober procreate.

En el plano emocional, el cuarzo rosa es el mejor sanador, libera las penas y las emociones no expresadas, alivia el dolor interiorizado y sana las carencias. Signs as Lollipops!

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Which hurts my teeth but yeah whatever. I'm open to comments, loving or constructive, so feel free to contact me cosmic astrology astrologi zodiac zodiak scorpio skorpionen sunsign moonsign risingsign astro spiritual planets pluto mars art illustration digitalart. Day 8: Canes Venatici! Tom Hanson's curio 'The Zodiac Killer' was actually conceived as part of a bizarro scheme to lure the then active killer out into the open and the journalist Paul Avery, the SF columnist most prominent for covering the case, helped with the production.

It's the story of a troupee wearing lorry driver masquerading as a businessman and his socially awkward mailman bff Jerry who are both linked to a zodiac style series of killings. Looking like a superior home movie at times, its weirdly fascinating copying the John Cassavetes naturalistic style of the time, yet for all the low budget deficiencies the zodiac murder recreations are surprisingly splashy and creepy tedhanson zodiac thezodiackiller sf sanfrancisco serialkiller crime truecrime wig baldness toupee funny halloween horror horrorfan film movie cinema funny.

I'm sorry for not posting that much.

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I've lost so many active followers. But I'm to busy and tired. I'm Leo born in the year of the Tiger.


I absolutely love her and loved being her. It was so much fun and I wanna start taking her to cons for easy days. This is also a time to introspect what no longer works in a relationship and to pull out those weeds. Letting go of what no longer functions and welcome the new. This is a transformative period that will serve as a soulful growth and advancement for you in the areas of love and relationships..

Higher Being Virgo Design higherbeing alien constellations stars zodiac virgo tshirt teeshirt choiceofcolors mens womens vibrate energy frequency meditate yoga health wellness music workout oneness consciousness universe. Aquarius Moons are a personal favorite of this Aquarian Astrologer because of the light hearted feel that it can give to us. If you have not done the work this Lunar Cycle to ground yourself to create harmony and balance, it can create a time of anxiety and mind lock.

The past Two weeks may have been kinda weird and intense for some. Maybe stressful with some argumentative energy and frustration. There has been major shifts happening cosmically. The October full moon in Aries will be bringing some relief.

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October 13ths full moon in Aries will be a good time to set intentions to cut cords and binds to what has been holding us back, causing us mental exhaustion, interfering with our lives and keeping us unable to move freely and move forward. This could be people in our lives or feelings, fears, doubts and our own toxic behaviors.

In order to free ourselves, it will take work of sitting with ourselves and understanding what has kept us shackled and in our own prison, maybe unknowingly or maybe it's people in your life, past or present who have been a constant source of negativity, toxicity and holding you back from your greater good. Freeing ourselves will guide us to positive changes, opportunities, opening doors, attracting what we need and want in life.

Aries energy will help us in taking the LEADER role in our lives and be more confident, freeing ourselves of unwanted attachments and stop being insecure and instead BOSS up and take control of our lives! Because Pluto and Venus play a big role in this Full moon will will want to take care of our relationships. It's a good time to check in with your partner and communicate issues and be understanding to eachothers needs. We are still in Libra season and will need to work on balance in relationships. Are the scales tipping heavily on one side? Is there feelings of one is giving too much while the other is giving little or nothing?

This is a Time to check in on playing small or shortchanging ourselves just to suit others. Being an Aries Full moon, we must also be careful to not rush into anything without thinking or planning. Be mindful of temperament and ego. Make sure your actions are coming from a place of love and not ego. Hellooo gemini people! Wana know wts in store for u this week?

Saying Yeah and entering your own comments tips or thoughs is easy and fun — read more. We endeavor to inspire more active adventurous and stylish lives through exclusive sales original story-telling and unique experiences like our — sheep. Horoscop Gemenii i Leii vor fi vedetele anului. People think these readings are based on software that will give you predefined results.

Read More about Zodiac Compatibility. Tags: Best astrologers Free vedic astrology Indian Horoscope Kundli Live astrology Making Match Vedic astrology aquarius april love horoscope birthday 14 may reading. If you wish to live life to the fullest you will enjoy this year to the hilt. At the weekend with such a busy week add more passion to your intimate love relationships.

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Incoming search terms: todays horoscope for sagittarius. In our collection you can find horoscope for any taste: classical predictions: the horoscope for the year love horoscope horoscope for the month horoscope for today funny horoscope ten-day One of the greatest challenges love horoscope lia — the tendency to delay things for later. More United States presidents were born in Aquarius than in any other sign. Astrologer Lokesh Jagirdar offers virgo horoscope zodiac signs prediction free weekly horoscope. Get full-circle insight for this month with a personal Horoscope Tarot reading— where Tarot and Astrology unite!

After June 17 Mercury will enter your romance sector Personal computer astrology features. Free download software used li automated free software-filehippo computers Oct 26 Admin January 17 4 Comments. We are your Free source for Aries Horoscope Today. Personality Characteristics of Aquarius Males. April Horoscope Taurus — Career Horoscope.