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Well, you can find out with this neat little script. Simply type your date of birth in the box below, and it will tell you Zeller's Algorithm can be used to determine the day of the week for any date in the past, present or future, for any dates between and To use this algorithm, input your date of birth, and then boom the day of the week in which you were born on appears. People often turn to you for advice and assistance. Love is very important to you.

You dislike superficiality and like to look beyond the surface of things.

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Quiet time alone away from the hustle and bustle of life is vital to your wellbeing. Be sure to follow your instincts. You have a logical, practical mind and a talent for business. You have the ability to be self-employed or a manager, a team leader or a supervisor. Both your appearance and your achievements are important to you. You may also be creatively talented in some way. You can be competitive and insecure, and like to be number one.

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Michelle Buchanan, pictured, predicts the future using numerology, which can help with opportunities. But you can also be easily hurt and taken advantage of by others. When you believe in yourself, you can achieve big things. You possess the independence and determination of the 1, combined with the kindness and compassion of the 2.

You combine the strength and determination of the 1 with the creative mind of the 3. Your challenge is to make a commitment and stick with it. Be mindful of addiction and overindulgence. Love and family are important to you. Deep, contemplative and intuitive, you look beyond the surface of things. Personal development and a complete overcoming of the ego is the key to your success. You combine the leadership qualities of your number 1 with the intuition and logic of your 7, making you a gifted decision-maker to whom others look for guidance. Patience and tolerance are keys to your success.

When you admit your mistakes and accept advice from others, you increase your potential for success. A talented leader, you are often respected by others. You can be indecisive and insecure; however, self-confidence is your key to success. Numerology can help you to predict the cycles of life, and to enable you to grab opportunities coming your way. However, you must be mindful not to use your words to gossip or complain. You have the gift of added insight when you combine your intuition with your logical mind. You work well with others and have the ability to lead large projects when you focus and apply yourself.

You like excitement and adventure and need your freedom to do your own thing.

Birthday Number 11

You enjoy networking with others and offering advice. Needing quiet time alone to process your thoughts and contemplate life, you may appear distant or guarded at times. Do certain numbers always seem to follow you around? Do you always find yourself in the same seat number at the cinema, always being allocated the same locker number at the gym, or always living in a house or flat with the same number?

It might be a single number that seems to follow you around, in which case the guide below will help you understand its meaning. Or it might be a combination, reflecting different things going on in your life.

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For example, could mean that love is on its way 6 once you create stability in your life 4 and make positive changes 5. Recurring 1s. Create a new beginning.

Leave the past behind. Be courageous and strong. Break away from the pack and embrace your individuality.

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Recurring 2s. Cooperate with others and be diplomatic. You should prepare for a romantic relationship coming into your life. Learn to follow your intuition. Recurring 3s. Express yourself creatively. Take up a new hobby.

How the day of the month you are born defines your personality

New UN figures are due out in June. Most national governments make their own population projections. The United Nations and the World Bank figures are the most widely used globally. Since the s, more boys than girls have been born every year. The consequent gender imbalance can have damaging social effects such as increased sexual violence and trafficking.

Broadly speaking, the fastest population rises are being recorded in Africa and Asia, which will have 15 of the 20 most populous nations by By that year, there will be more Nigerians than Americans. By , it is projected that as many as one-third of all people — almost 4 billion — will be African. At the other end of the scale, population growth has stalled — or even gone into reverse — in parts of western Europe, Japan and Russia. A nuanced question. Experts like Paul Ehrlich argue that the population of the world has long since surpassed optimal levels, though critics counter that consumption is as important as population levels.

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Some believe the very argument about overpopulation is controversial as it tends to point the finger at poorer parts of the world with large growth rates, and not at richer regions, which use disproportionately high amounts of resources. The fertility rate is the number of children born for every woman of childbearing age in a population. The things that tend to affect it include female empowerment, wellbeing and the status of children, technological and economic changes, and opportunities for family planning. The level of education in a society — of women in particular — is one of the most important predictors for the number of children families have.

The global average fertility rate is just below 2. Over the last 50 years the global fertility rate has halved, as some of these factors bore down on family sizes. In the pre-modern era, fertility rates of 4. At that time, high mortality rates of young people kept population growth low.

As health improved, the population growth rate began to soar, only flattening out as the fertility rate declined towards 2 children per woman. A record number of women now use contraception. But the figures show wide disparities between and within regions and countries. Africa has the lowest percentage of women using contraceptives, and the highest unmet need in the world.

Despite this, some African countries have made the biggest leaps in contraception use over the past 40 years and are projected to make the greatest gains in the next In Mauritius, rapid population growth in the early 60s led the government to launch a family planning programme, and the country now boasts the highest rates Of course, fertility rates are just half the story. People are living longer — far longer in some parts of the world.

About 55m people die every year, which is less than half the number who are born.