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Lilith willingly chooses self-exile instead of resigning herself to a life half-lived. She is certain of her value and ready to go to any lengths to prove to herself and others how deep her belief lies. The struggle with asteroid Lilith is to move past the rage and into true power: while Lilith successfully flees an undesirable, untenable, and humiliating situation, as Judith Plaskow states, 'Lilith by herself is in exile and can do nothing. Asteroid Lilith may force us to wake up and smell the non-compromise, a necessary step on the path towards standing more firmly in our power.

And when we operate from that space, there is no need to flee. Some Astrologers have noted that asteroid Lilith may be connected with an activist mentality; strong Lilith placements in a chart can indeed indicate a vocal, upstart personality that 'rages against the machine' and takes it to the streets. As asteroid Lilith is the only tangible celestial object associated with Lilith's archetype, it's also possible that we may initially relate more easily with asteroid Lilith by house, sign, and aspect than Black or Dark Moon Lilith, which are more nuanced.

Asteroid Lilith's symbol was designed to resemble an upraised hand, an appropriate icon that easily connects with Lilith's rejection of Adam's dominance a progenitor of 'talk to the hand'? There is another lesser known point associated with Lilith called the 'Dark Moon' or 'Waldemath' Lilith h The Dark Moon Lilith is not a physical object like asteroid Lilith, and nor it is a calculated celestial point like Black Moon Lilith; the Dark Moon Lilith is a hypothetical - but as of yet, unproven - secondary satellite to the Earth gliding somewhere beyond the Moon, hidden in a dust cloud.

Similar to mythical Lilith, it is hard to pin down the Dark Moon Lilith, which has a troubled history of discovery and loss. For the Western mind, the desert is akin to death, but for the people who live in and among those shifting sands, the desert is a holy, silent place where one seeks spiritual respite; as Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, 'what makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.

And yet, the desert is still a place our projections go to die: without flora, fauna, or the mirror of society and its infinite distractions, we are left with only ourselves. Dark Moon Lilith can describe by house, sign, and aspect where we need to go, psychically but even physically, to reach this kind of release. All of us, in one way or another, hold an innate release valve for offloading the toxic inner material that builds up over time and calcifies within the psyche.

Part of the process of working with Dark Moon Lilith is recognizing as we heal from our rage that much of what we have built up as our 'story' is an unhelpful narrative of victimization masquerading as fact. We may need to let go of our fantasy version of events to find peace. If we do not, we may find ourselves cycling endlessly between the rage of Asteroid Lilith and the self-exile of Dark Moon Lilith, forever finding the reasons for our pain in other people, and unable to heal its true source within ourselves.

Dark Moon Lilith's symbol is a circle with a dash running across it, associating the Dark Moon Lilith's with it's invisible non-existent? Dark Moon Lilith's themes: internal conflict, deeply-rooted psychic pains and wounds in need of purging, unconscious indulgence of shadow material, the need to meet one's demons, removing one's self from society to lick wounds and find healing, distorted thinking, fantasies of rage, revenge, and retaliation, being overpowered by the toxic subconscious, the need to sit with pain and see it for what it is, working through feelings of shame and indignation, one's experience of the Terrible Mother, the experience of the brutal, dead places within us and others.

Black Moon Lilith, which comes in two variations: 'true,' sometimes called 'osculating' h13 , and 'mean' h Mean Black Moon Lilith is the more popular of the two and is often the default point generically labeled as Black Moon Lilith in Astrological reports online. Some Astrologers use both points while others have a preference between the two; my preference is for the true Black Moon Lilith.

To explain the difference between these two points, we'll need to clarify what Black Moon Lilith is and is not.

Sometimes, Black Moon Lilith is mistakenly called the Dark Moon or is referred to simply as the 'lunar apogee,' which is instead the point during the Moon's orbit of Earth where it is furthest away from Earth and appears smallest in the sky. Black Moon Lilith is something entirely different. As Johannes Kepler famously discovered, all orbits are elliptical, and elliptical orbits have two focal points, not one as we may imagine.

In the case of the Earth and Moon, where the Moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical fashion, the Earth is one of the focal points; Black Moon Lilith is the other focal point.

Who is Lilith?

This has been described as a 'ghostly twin' to our planet as the focal point has gravity and weight, but sits like an invisible sister to Earth. If this sounds confusing, well, it is. Astronomers were not even able to accurately predict the position of this second empty focal point until the 's, and there is still disagreement as to how these points should best be calculated.

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Due to the orbital impacts from other planets in the solar system, the 'true' Black Moon Lilith's position wobbles back and forth wildly, jumping in space unpredictably in a non-linear, catch-me-if-you-can fashion. Mean Black Moon Lilith is just what it says on the tin: it's the averaged out, buttoned-up, contained version of true Black Moon Lilith. Further, true Black Moon Lilith retrogrades back and forth, skipping through the zodiac, while mean Black Moon Lilith steadily plods along and is never retrograde.

Black Moon Lilith's orbital period is roughly eight years and ten months, spending about nine months in a sign. Interestingly, this orbital period creates a symbolic connection with the Moon's Nodes, which have a cycle almost exactly twice that of Black Moon Lilith.

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  8. By the time we reach Black Moon Lilith, she has moved from being unconscious of her power and therefore overpowered by an external force asteroid Lilith to being unconscious of her shadow material and overpowered by internal forces, culminating in a purging of inner toxicity Dark Moon Lilith.

    Lilith fled Adam asteroid Lilith and then herself and her deepest subconscious pains Dark Moon Lilith ; now, Lilith is ready for something different - she is ready to return fully to herself, in the conscious embodiment of her power and her pains.

    What Does Lilith Mean in Astrology?

    Lilith re-emerges from the waters of the Red Seas fully upright, rooted in the understanding of her body as the ultimate expression of her feminine wisdom. Sex is now a delight as a spontaneous expression of her instincts; partnership is now a delicious accouterment to the sacred inner marriage already flowering within her chest.

    Carl Jung said that Lilith was a 'shamanistic anima' that could help the repressed feminine reach great wisdom and understanding; if there is such a point to be found Astrologically, it is the true Black Moon Lilith.

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    And yet, as with all Lilith points, there is a challenge: Black Moon Lilith is often described as being 'cutting,' or having the same laser-like eyes of Ereshkigal, the mighty Goddess of the Underworld who splits men asunder with a knowing glance. Negotiating transits and happenings with Black Moon Lilith can at first be counter-intuitive: as she uses her cutting motions to detach us from what no longer serves us, our attachment response might kick in, wishing to hold on just a little bit longer. It can often feel like we are being pulled away from the things we want when in fact we are being sliced free from stagnancy and pushed towards growth.

    In the masculine, linear world of the West, this may feel especially problematic if we have been cultured to imagine life as a grand escalator which continually moves up, never stopping, never changing course. Integrating successfully with one's Black Moon Lilith may require giving way to a lunar mindset, which gracefully allows for an unfolding cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Black Moon Lilith's symbol is a black waning Moon sitting atop the cross of matter, connecting Lilith with a lineage of dark, lunar Goddesses, such as Hecate, Ereshkigal, and Kaali, and grounding her lunar wisdom into our Earthly realms.

    This post, long though it may be, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to studying Lilith and her significations in Astrology. Lilith may come to you one day, as she did to me, in a vision. She may inhabit your dreams with her serpentine slithering, or you may meet her in the waking world in the form of a would-be oppressor. You may even find her in that place which reflects everything and hides nothing: the mirror. However you find her - the 'when' being inevitable - I hope that you will.

    Create your free, personalized, and highly customizable birth chart natal chart by filling in the form below. Moon - Emotions, instincts, roots, mother: in Signs and Houses:. Mercury - Thinking, communication, intellect, learning: in Signs and Houses:. Venus - Sensuality, love, harmony, pleasure: in Signs and Houses:.

    Mars - Activity, energy, courage, assertiveness: in Signs and Houses:. Jupiter - Happiness, optimism, expansion: in Signs and Houses:. Saturn - Restriction, order, maturity, time: in Signs and Houses:. Uranus - Originality, freedom, revolution: in Signs and Houses:. If we look at the unadorned, politically incorrect, archaic tales, we will at least have a place to start. Then we will see what the story tells us—no frills.

    In mythology and folklore, Lilith is the most famous demon goddess of antiquity. Her myth dates back to the time of the stories of Gilgamesh and of the Bible. As the tale unfolds, we find that Lilith was created from sediment to be the first wife of Adam. Once she and Adam got together, she refused to have sexual relations with him in a subservient position. She demanded that they either engage in these activities side by side or with her laying on top.

    Adam refused, and attempted to force her to have sex with him in the manner he desired. Lilith fled and then became transformed into a she-devil, whereupon she promptly mated with other demons and began to produce demon-children.

    Three angels appeared to Lilith to tell her to go back to Adam and when she refused they began to kill her demon offspring. Lilith then ventured forth to kill Adam's children and grandchildren in retaliation and revenge. Parents wrote on the walls of the house a new baby was born to, to prevent Lilith from killing the new arrival.

    And that's the story. Now its easy to see in our modern times how this story would be told to prevent women from even thinking about transgressing the unbelievably limiting and oppressive moral climate in which they found themselves. Lilith not wanting to submit to Adam but instead wanting to be equal was her first mistake.

    We can see why Lilith became the vengeful evil women she was, but regardless of her motives, she did turn to evil. When Lilith appears in our horoscope , she is, in fact, showing us where in ourselves we hold a place of vengefulness, a place of where we are willing to become as evil as those around us. Lilith is a dark place in our charts, and to know where that darkness comes from is as important as knowing where it can take us—and how, and when.

    First, the sign in which Lilith appears will determine how Lilith energy is expressed. The house is where it will manifest itself.

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    The aspects , which must be very small a 1 or 2 degree orb only , will show what planets are involved in our Lilith drama. Our own charts notwithstanding, knowing how our Lilith placement relates to us through synastry with others is of primary importance. If Lilith is directly on your partner's Venus , you'd know straight away that in a love relationship, you could be put in a position of being made to feel unworthy and need to be on your guard.

    It could also tell you that the person you are involved with will hit all your trigger spots, and that revenge and rage could be part of the equation. As you sink deeper into the relationship, you need to be very sure you are making yourself clear in all commutations in this relationship and not allowing your emotions to run wild. Dealing with our own dark side is never easy, and having Lilith energy show up in the 10th house of career could make us want to hide away forever.

    Lilith 29 Degrees

    But conflict like that must be faced. If you can be pushed to extremes in your career path, it is important to know that. Should you ever be placed in a position where you work under someone who does not respect you—who sabotages your work and views you as a threat—you may be prone to rage of the highest order. It would be good to be aware of that. Should you ever be provoked, justly or unjustly, you'll need to be able to keep your vengefulness under control.