Libra man libra woman marriage compatibility

Romance for a Libra is the beautiful part of the relationship.

Libra Man And Libra Woman Compatibility

They expect to be showered with gifts such as flowers and jewellery as they have a love and appreciation for beautiful things. Libra Woman A Libra woman makes it part of her job to enchant men. However, she loves to do this with a dramatic flair. But sometimes all the drama gets to her and she needs to take a break.

Until she is ready to perform again, you must wait. She searches for the perfect companion and it may lead her to many affairs, but as she matures, she will become more discriminating. She expects her lover to cater to her every whim, which leads many Libra women to marry older, more experienced men.

Libra Love

Libra women love to be admired, even when the love affair is over. When a relationship ends, she will try to make sure it ends amicably so she can retain an admirer. She enjoys the romantic part of relationship much better than the sexual part, so those who hope to appeal to the animal inside her should look elsewhere. She wants to be wined, dined and romanced. Libra Man It is easy to tell the Libra man — he is the one with all the women around him!

Taurus and Libra Love and Marriage Compatibility

How does he attract so many women? He has a special weapon; a feminine side that he is not afraid to show. Because of all the women, he tends to be a little spoiled. He becomes accustomed to it, so if you hope to attract a Libra man's eye, shower him with attention. Libra men avoid disputes, so do not try to argue with him. He would rather leave the relationship than argue. Unlike the Libra woman, who loves romance more than sex, for the Libra man, lovemaking is his favourite pastime.

But, just as in the rest of his life, he expects praise in the bedroom as well. The Perfect Date Libras are interested in many things including theatre, decorating, art and antiques. But they still like to be the centre of attention, so if you go to the theatre, make sure you get the best seats. If it is an art gallery, make sure it is an exclusive showing, so they feel more important. Atmosphere means a lot to them and they expect everything first class. So if you go to a restaurant, make sure it is five star and not the local cafe.

And the romantic side of the Libras will love dinner by candlelight. They also respond well to music, so have some of that available as well.

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Compatible Signs Libras and Geminis are compatible, despite the fact that both are pretty indecisive. Both are affectionate and fun loving. Libras and Leos can get along well as long as they are willing to share the spotlight both love so much. Libras are well suited with Aquarius as they enjoy both the romantic and sensual sides of the relationship. Libras love to be in the spotlight as well as living a life of luxury.

They like to be praised, but that is never hard as they are very charming and affectionate people. They like to have many admirers but will eventually settle down with that special someone at some point. Libra in Love. Previous Page. Next Page. You might also like Pisces in Love.

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Scorpio in Love. T - Sep PM. Everything's spot on about being a libra, and I'm a libra sun, libra ascendant so its especially true for me but I noticed these sites seem to get the compatibility horribly wrong as far as the signs we are " supposed" to be compatible with. Not a good match at all waay to freedom loving, commitment is not their cup of tea. My Aquarius was stubborn,very "fixed" in her ways and had no interest in fair play a no no with any libra. She somehow thought it was ok to stay out all night, unacceptable by my standards for sure 2.

Leo no way never again, waay too haughty and full of herself. Very arrogant and an arrogant woman is a huge turn off for me, I quickly lost interest after a week.

Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Gemini waay too busy and not romantic at all, I won't be with a woman that is not romantic,must be sensitive and feminine and gemini women lack both I'm with a cancer woman, my princess and she Is quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me I love her deeply and her flaws are few and far in between. A far cry from the inferior others, now I will say that virgo is the absolute worst, just abysmal. Critical,fussy, selfish and ungrateful ca nt find a worse match Jim - Oct AM. He's an idealist who's easily enchanted by a beautiful, smart, and independent woman who's also a good sport and not too interested in getting serious.

Still, when he falls for someone he's all in--for as long as it lasts. Sure breakups and sadness are likely, but for Sagittarius, these are temporary conditions that readily dissipate at the hint of a new possibility.

Libra And Libra Love Compatibility And Friendship

He likes women who are straightforward and assertive enough to make the first move. As a sexual partner , he's a fun, spontaneous, talkative, and never afraid to try something new or different. Sagittarius wants a sex mate who's adventurous and can take him to a place he's never been before. A Libra woman personifies everything that's feminine. She's charming, sensuous, attractive, and graceful, but also smart and independent.

Born to relate--not to just marry--Libra attracts both men and women. Though seemingly incapable of making a definite decision about anything, Libra has an almost uncanny ability to understand every side of a situation and put people at ease. She's attractive, flirty, fun to be around, always down for a great conversation, and thrives at any kind of social gathering, whether it's at a theater or a bar.

Libra wants a partner who's romantic, confident, considers her an equal, appreciates her intelligence, and is willing to volley back and forth with her in conversation, life, love and the bedroom. As a sexual partner , Libra is gifted. She's always attentive of her partner's needs and can easily be wild and seductive or cuddly and subservient. She has a desire to please, and her motto in the bedroom is a lady always acts in a way that's appropriate for the moment. Libra is a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are active and initiate change.

click here Sagittarius is a mutable sign. Mutable signs are restless and embrace change. Libra can be bossy , but that's not usually how she operates. Libra scouts around, weighs options, puts people, places, and plans together, and then uses gentle persuasion, diplomatic nuances, and finesse to get others to do what she wants.

That works just fine for easy going, carefree Sagittarius because it frees him from the responsibility of having to make the decisions and plans.