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The Five Elements and Chinese Zodiac Signs

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Breaking Down the Chinese Zodiac Elements and What They Mean for You

Namespaces Article Talk. Each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs are governed by the five elements, which also have a yang male and a ying female side. Traditionally, the elements are supposed to conquer one another because they are all interrelated by natural law. Wood conquers earth, earth conquers water, water conquers fire, fire conquers metal and metal conquers wood.

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Applied to human relationships, it means that your particular element will influence and be influenced by other elements at some point or the other. The water personality is emotional, sensitive, flexible and intuitive. These people are diplomatic and unimposing, and have excellent skills in interpersonal relations. They have good communication skills and can persuade even their opponents to agree with them easily.

What's Your Sign? Understanding the Chinese Zodiac

They are able to wear away any opposition from others through their consistent and firm approach. Considering they can easily strike a rapport with others, they have the capability to advance their ideas by influencing people around them. They also go by their gut feeling and instinctively know how to make the right moves. They can also recognise and identify talent in people immediately. But on the other hand, they tend to be escapists.

They can also be inconsistent and passive, and depend too much on others for support. The wood personality is solid and tough yet sensitive and vulnerable as well. These people tend to put the collective good before their own individual interests, and this leadership quality makes them the backbone of any business or social group.

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Warm and generous, they are generally popular in their circles. These people have high morals and great confidence. The year of birth in which you were born corresponds to one of the five elements. An easy way for determining your element is to consider the last numeral in your year of birth and find your element below:. So for example if you were born in , your element is Fire; if you were born in , your element is Metal, and so forth. The Constructive Cycle is the one used in the year cycle of Chinese astrology.


Because both the yin and yang aspects of each element are used, the result is a cycle of ten phases, called stems. Each year, one of the ten stems is paired with one of the twelve branches animals in sequence, starting with Rat: Yang Wood.

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Since there are only ten stems and twelve branches, when you get to Dog the 11th branch , you start over with the stems, giving Dog: Yang Wood. This keeps going and the cycle does not repeat until the 61st year, when you are back to Rat: Yang Wood. The Chinese use the lunar calendar, not the solar calendar that we use in the West. Therefore, the Chinese year of the Earth Rat starts on February 7, , and ends on January 25, These dates are calculated by the phases of the moon.

It is a yang Earth year, since we have just had two Fire years in the past two years yang Fire and yin Fire. You will be able to better interpret your Chinese horoscope if you put yourself into a more Chinese frame of mind. Chinese philosophy draws heavily on Buddhism, where a person is encouraged to accept whatever happens without fighting against it. This is in great contrast to our Western frame of mind, where we are always trying to influence or change events to our liking.

In Eastern philosophy, you go with the flow. In Western thought, you are always trying to swim upstream instead. This is the whole idea behind the cycles of yin and yang, the Five Element cycles, and the year cycle of the Chinese calendar.

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  5. The fact that the Chinese use the lunar calendar based on the cycles of the moon shows their respect for the cycles of nature. Chinese culture is much more in tune with nature than our Western culture. The Five Elements of nature are integral to their philosophy, medical practices and many other aspects of their lives. There is a great peace in reading your Chinese horoscope because you come to realize that if you are having bad luck, it is not necessarily your fault.

    It might just be a bad year for you. Often the Chinese solution to having a bad year is just to wait until things get better. It is no use fighting your fate.