Supermoon february 12 2020 astrology

An apogee is when the moon is the farthest away from the surface of the earth. Psychic Parties Call soon to schedule a psychic to come to your next party. It has been noted throughout the scientific community over the years that there is an increase in tectonic activity and geophysical stress during eclipses and super moon alignments. The weakest point gives way with all the gravitational pull on the surface of the earth.

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I have been watching these patterns for many years. All twelve astrological constellations rule specific regions of the earth. All zodiac signs are ruled by one of four elements which are earth, air, water or fire. Many times, you can get a clue as to what type of occurrence will take place by observing what sign the moon is in during eclipses and super moon alignments.


Yet, remember the dance of reciprocity, so check-in to clarify that everyone is on the same page. With the lunar cycle waning into its New Moon phase just past the equinox, there is an increased focus on more subtle aspects and nuance.

For those in the northern hemisphere, the Sun is gradually losing its domain. The days are shortening and the nights are increasing. This month's New Moon in tropical Libra occurs while its ruling planet, Venus, transits its home sign. Venus in Libra adds an extra layer of symbolism relating to all matters of the heart--aesthetics and relationships, the need to feel, express, and appreciate beauty and love.

Look for subtle beginnings in heart-related themes. The synchronistic threads will weave Venusian textures somewhere in your life. Of course, while Venus and Libra emphasize the ideal of perfect love, mutual feelings, and unanimous agreement, wisdom reminds us of how rarely life matches those expectations. Chiron makes an opposition to this New Moon, opening up heart-centered wounds and defects alongside the opportunity to heal or make peace.

Chiron can reveal areas where the expression of affection may be blocked, or where we may need to reach out more. If you get hung up on the imperfections, step back and look at the bigger picture.

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There is no ideal perfect union, commitment, or beauty, but only a messy, imperfect attempt at attaining our human concept of love and self-transcendence. Saturn's square adds some limitations and reality checks, like how what we feel, want, or desire may not match up with what's available in the moment. With this New Moon, a compromise or attitudinal adjustment may be required.

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With greater insight about how we can improve our ability to connect and generate rapport, we can begin taking decisive steps toward making things better. If you're already in the thick of the hard work, this New Moon will serve to reinforce your efforts. No matter how difficult or how many obstacles you encounter, keep your heart open and let the love flow.

September's Full Moon climaxes alongside Neptune's brightest moment--it's opposition to the Sun. Additionally, the Moon is in technical conjunction with Neptune itself. For sky watchers, that won't make it easier to see if using a telescope or binoculars , but it's an apt metaphor for the Neptune archetype as nebulous, obfuscating, and elusive. Out of the notable planetary archetypes in astrology, Neptune may be the least understood.

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However, if viewed through the lens of synchronicity, there's meaning behind its title as God of the seas. Surrender comes to mind. When faced with what appears to be a supernatural power, willing surrender is sometimes the only choice we have. Humility is a side effect, allowing us to gain perspective of our place in the larger scheme of things. Neptune can bring awareness of overpowering, natural forces, or supernatural realities--hyper dimensions or "disembodied" intelligence. Whatever the case, the Neptune archetype may serve to remind us of how little we know and excite us about the mysteries yet solved.

Here, there's a sense of caution, especially in managing desires, impulses, or rage. Since the target, destination, or objective is likely obfuscated, utilize more critical discernment before jumping in. Thoughtlessness, carelessness, or naivete may be the most significant points of weakness. If you can avoid both temptation and distraction, you can channel enthusiasm toward a greater purpose and perhaps receive much-needed insight and inspiration.

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On the other end of the Full Moon equation, lies a cluster of planets in Virgo, a mutable earth sign. With Saturn stationing direct next week, it wouldn't be wise to evade responsibilities. Finding a moment to retreat, meditate, or contemplate may not be possible, but this combination reminds us of the wisdom that divinity lies just as equally in the mundane. If possible, turn daily tasks and duties into a mindfulness excersice. As the lunar cycle winds down into its New Moon phase, we're ready for a shift and change of direction. This month's Virgo New Moon may not correlate with a period of restfulness or laziness as the dark Moon typically tends to do.

Here, we're given the seeds for the birthing of an integrated productivity flow. This is an optimal moment for beginning anything that requires meticulousness and precision. Alongside that, however, can be a sense of feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of what needs to get done, or the many areas needing improvement. Neptune's wide opposition to the New Moon from Pisces can offer distraction, escape, or an inspiring vision of the way forward. The current line-up of planets in Virgo Mercury, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus , can stimulate single-mindedness and intensity of focus.

The downside of this dark Moon can lead us into unproductive fault finding, feelings of insecurity, and paralysis. Both Mars and Uranus make the closest aspects to this New Moon, generating some useful tension.

One manifestation of Mars is the eruption of anger, frustration, or fear. Uranus' trine offers an unexpected opportunity for liberation, freedom, and a refreshing change of pace. One solution to any current frustrations might lie in taking an unusual route. Whatever shows up four you alongside this New Moon, consider that a commitment to relentless improvement will be required. There are likely some high standards to adhere to, too. However, the Virgo path is one that stimulates a desire to be better, more useful, and acquire competency and skillfulness.

Use this time to sharpen your focus, skills, and confidence. And look carefully for a unique edge or an alternative way forward. A New Moon trine Uranus is a dynamic fresh start, a lunation that can suddenly clear the way for change, progress, and resolution. Two culminations are occurring right now. Yes, the Full Moon in tropical Aquarius is the obvious one. Less visible is the Full Venus in Leo that exacted on Aug.

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If you were looking at an ephemeris or chart wheel, you would see what would look only like a conjunction of Sun and Venus, but that's not the whole picture. From our geocentric perspective, it appears as a conjunction, though one that we can't physically see because the rays of the Sun overcome Venus' light. Venus' synodic cycle is nuanced and complex, but not every conjunction is the same. The magic of Venus is that it weaves together significant creative, artistic, relational, or overall heart-centered themes on a very predictable rhythm. Reflect on that period and see if there are any current connections.

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Fate can be hard to see, and just as difficult to avoid. There is likely a dominant theme involving significant relationships embedded in this Full Moon. The presence of Mars adds a dimension of friction, tension, the need for assertion and the stirring of anger or aggression. The Aquarian Moon adds an element of objectivity and perspective. Perhaps that translates quite clearly in seeing the tensions that exist in current partnerships and collaborations.